Never Mind an MTA Fare Hike: Price of Vietnamese Sandwiches Escalates!

Pardon the tear stains on this photo.Photo: Daniel Maurer

As if losing the bnh m counter in the T Quynm Pharmacy wasnt bad enough, theres still more reason to worry about the state of the Vietnamese sandwich, an institution that Jonathan Lethem told us is as vital to keeping working artists in the city as are affordable rents. Cheap Eats favorite Bnh M Saigon Bakery celebrated the New Year by raising its prices by 50 cents across the board, bumping certain sandwiches to an unheard of $5.50 (they say the cost of product went up). And just yesterday, Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich (formerly known as Viet-Nam Banh Mi and no relation to Bnh M Saigon) upped its prices to as high as $4.25. Employees were apologetically offering sandwiches at the old prices (we were charged $3.50 instead of the new $3.95 for the house special of grilled pork, Vietnamese salami, and sliced pork), but thats small consolation. This is easily the most disturbing price hike since a Grays Papaya dog went to $1.25.

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