‘Top Chef’ Cookbook Remains a Mystery to Us

Who could resist a cover like this?Photo courtesy Chronicle Books

When we got the Top Chef Cookbook press release yesterday, we were immediately consumed with curiosity. The tome purports to include "dishes from the Elimination Rounds and the Quick-Fire Challenges, daring fans to join the fun by recreating their favorite recipes at home," but beyond that there aren’t many details. Will C.J.'s burnt broccolini, which Tom Colicchio considered the worst dish ever served on Top Chef, be in there? Or maybe his green tuna casserole, which Tony Bourdain compared to something found on the floor of an Irish bar on Saint Patrick’s Day? It’s safe to say that the show’s winning recipes, like Howie’s pork and beans seasoned with baldie sweat, will be there, in cleaned-up form. However until we get our copy, we can’t say. As for the book’s other touted features, such as “in-depth discussions with contestants, judges and crew,” there’s only one question that matters to us: Was Padma high the whole time or not?

Bravo Media Announces "Top Chef: The Cookbook" Published By Chronicle Books [Snack]
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