Introducing the Kobe Beef of Strawberries

These better be worth it.Photo: Courtesy of Butterfield Market

We get a dizzying amount of pitches for Valentines cocktails and aphrodisiac menus (money back if you dont end up doing it on the table!), but a call from Evan Obsatz at Butterfield Market actually piqued our interest in things one-of-a-kind. He says that on February 12, pending Customs approval, hell be the only local supplier to receive 40 boxes of Amou berries large, sweet, and juicy strawberries that are carefully cultivated on Japans Kyushu Island. Its Japans most expensive strawberry, and its currently in short supply, hence a $45 price tag for a box of seven to twelve. But wait the berries are wrapped in red tissue paper and come with a certificate of origin! That should take the edge off the fact that youre not giving her a ring.