Gansevoort Assures Us, ‘The Hotel Is Not Anti-Semitic’

Couldn't he tell his publicist to try to love someone? Photo: Getty Images

A couple of days ago we linked to a "Page Six" item that claimed that staffers at the Hotel Gansevoort’s G-Spa taunted a clubgoer for wearing a yarmulke, eventually booting him and his friend from the club and spitting in the friend’s face. The Gansevoort has now issued a statement telling their side of the story, and we’re not at all surprised that it involves Kid Rock.

"The Page Six item about a New Year's Eve scuffle at G-Spa in the Hotel Gansevoort was one-sided and patently false. After reviewing security camera tapes and interviewing eyewitnesses, it is apparent that an ill-behaved boyfriend of a member of Kid Rock's PR team was escorted out of the hotel at 3:30 a.m. after spitting in the manager's face and using racial epithets. He was not wearing a yarmulke, as reported, and the hotel is not anti-Semitic. Those charges, made by a disgruntled publicist, were meant to discredit the hotel and were disturbing to the hotel's owners who happen to be of the Jewish faith."

Anyone know which member of Kid Rock’s PR team brought in this ruffian?