The DOH Shuts the Doors on Cake Man Raven

Irate customers outside Cake Man Raven are being forced to forego their southern red-velvet fix after a not-so-friendly visit from the Department of Health yesterday. According to the Cake Man (a.k.a. Raven Patrick De’Sean Dennis III), an inspector showed up Wednesday afternoon and shut down the cake shop that evening for not having the proper permits. With demand growing for the alarmingly crimson layer cake, the Cake Man moved his baking operation from the store’s tiny kitchen to an East New York factory in late December. The bureaucratic reason: “They said the cake was coming from an unknown source.” In layman’s terms, the mix-up is over permits to transport slices of cake (whole cakes are fine) from the factory to their storefront on Fulton Avenue in Fort Greene. “If I brought the cakes to the store whole, it wouldn’t be a problem,” the Cake Man says. We have a call in to the Health Department.

State investigators were on site this afternoon, but for now it’s unclear when the storefront will reopen. According to a somber Cake Man, there are cakes inside, but the city department has put an embargo on them until further notice. But for now the only place for red-velvet nirvana is the nearby Applebee’s at Flatbush and DeKalb avenues. —Pervaiz Shallwani