Taco Wars: Pinche Plays Dirty; Endless Summer Recruits Dirty Mofo

We were misquoted.
We were misquoted.haha Photo: Daniel Maurer

Remember when Pinche Taqueria owner Jeffrey Chartier told us his was the “first real authentic taqueria in New York City”? We’re always wary of such hyperbole so imagine our surprise when we saw that the plaudit made its way onto Pinche’s takeout menu — attributed to us instead of the owner! Shame on you, Pinche: This is the worst case of fraud since Panchitos said its margaritas were named the best in the city by New York Magazine.

Meanwhile in Williamsburg, the Endless Summer guys sent out a text message on Saturday: “Special guest Gavin McInnes mans the taco truck today and tomorrow. Come by and get one. N 7 and Bedford.” If you haven’t had the pleasure, Gavin is the co-founder of Vice magazine, the publication that brought us The Vice Guide to Eating [Something Other Than Tacos]. Let’s hope no one forwarded that text message to the Health Department.

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