Rachael Ray Doesn’t Like Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Any More Than We Do

And if you give me that swill again, expect to get hit with this.Photo: Getty Images

A friend of Grub Street writes us:

So a friend of mine was on set last week as Rachael Ray filmed her latest Dunkin’ Donuts commercial. According to her, Rachael stormed onto the set and snapped at everyone. Not news, I know, everyone knows she’s actually a gigantic asshole. BUT! I am also told she took one sip of her Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, yelled “What is this shit? Get me MY coffee,” and would not continue until she was given “her” coffee — i.e., Starbucks.

If this is true, it’s is the first thing we’ve read that makes us like Rachael Ray. Maybe her diva-ish behavior is what’s causing the turmoil at her magazine, but we’re with her on this one: Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is the worst.