Omido Chef and Maybe AvroKo to Join Chris Eddy in Nolita Project

Yesterday, we brought news that Chris Eddy, owner of barmarch, has plans for the Forty Deuce space; today, Eddy tells us that hell be joined in the venture by Omido chef-owner and founding SushiSamba chef Eliji Taka Takase. Weve been trying to do a restaurant for ten years now, Eddy says. Can we assume that AvroKo, designers of Omido and owners of nearby Public, will be on board? Nothing is final yet, but its a very good assumption. Eddy plans to open in summer and says that, although certain neighbors are concerned about rising property values, hes working with them and has been assured by the community board that, if he agrees to certain concessions, hell have a liquor license by February. Wherever Ivan Kane is these days, he must be sick with envy.

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