Huynh Still In at Bun, But Reluctantly So

Yesterday Bret Thorn seemingly debunked Gael Greenes assertion that Michael Huynh left Bun because he wasnt getting along with his partners and was opening a noodle shop near his other joint Mai House. Thorn had it from the restaurant that Huynh was merely on vacation. Buns publicist, Sam Firer, e-mailed something to that effect: Michael just came back from Vietnam last night and he's a wee bit surprised to find out he's left two of his restaurants. He hasn't. Just a malicious rumor. However now the Insatiable Critic, who started all of this in the first place, hears from Huynh that although he considered leaving the restaurant, he decided he didn't want to lose his investment.

I want to see if I can work it out, he said [to Gael], I have bad luck there. I worked so hard. Im very unhappy. Maybe Ill buy them out, he mused. Ill know more in two weeks.

As for the noodle shop, it turns out theres nothing in the works. Wed be lying if we said we didnt see disaster down the road back when they blasted Who Let the Dogs Out?

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