Green Bay Is Getting Off Easy in This Year's Food Bet

And for this we get cheese spread?Photo: Getty Images

The unavoidable wager between the mayors of Green Bay and New York has been made, and AP has dutifully reported it. But as usual, New York is getting the worse of the deal. Green Bay mayor, Jim Schmitt, is betting a basket of cheese, some spread, and some New York strip steaks (New York strips! Imagine!), with some candy a pair of cheese-wedge sunglasses. Thats if we win. If they win, the self-appointed Titletown gets twenty pounds of Peter Luger porterhouses, a case of Brooklyn Lager, and a cheesecake (take that, cheese heads!) from Carnegie Deli. Green Bay is getting the much better deal here. We suggest Bloomberg match Schmitts bet with a gristly steak from Tads and a black-and-white cookie from a random deli.

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