‘Gourmet’ Relaunches Itself on the Web, and We Approve

Gourmet.com: better late than never.Photo: gourmet.com

Gourmet magazines new Website launched today, and, having test-driven it, we have to say its a pretty sleek piece of work. We often wondered why Gourmet, traditionally the leading food magazine, had so much of its content buried in the vast, boggy mystery that was Epicurious.com. (After a year of trying, we could never sort out what Epicurious was supposed to cover, even though it always has a lot of great content.) But now Gourmet seems to have finally gotten its act together. Its all there, fully formed: original videos (the first is a Fabio Trabocchi demo), clips from Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie TV series on PBS, classic articles from around the magazine, and the full database of all the recipes, among other things. Its a great resource, and were glad it finally happened.

Gourmet Magazine Website