GoldBar Causes Citywide Escalade Shortage

Our preferred mode of transport.
Our preferred mode of transport.

We’ve already advised you to wear a GoldBar T-shirt if you want to get beyond the club’s gilded rope so badly that you’re willing to sacrifice any sense of style. But what ride should you roll up in? You might just find your answer in this tally of cars we saw outside of the club between 12:10 a.m. and 12:20 a.m. this morning.

Dropping off:
Escalade, white
Escalade, mauve

Waiting outside:
Escalade ESV, dark blue
Escalade ESV, dark blue
Escalade sedan, black
Escalade, dark blue
Lincoln Town Car Executive I, black
BMW 750 LI, white
GMC Ukon XL, black
GMC Ukon XL, black with vanity plates “DIVA77”

Parked, obviously for GoldBar:
Escalade, dark blue

We realize it goes against the grain, but our advice is to skip the alphamobile and arrive in Al’s Limo, the disco-themed hoopty limo with shag carpeting stocked with candy, Bud, and um, good tunes (“I Love You Mary Jane,” if you know what we’re saying). Al’s business card couldn’t put it better: It’s “More Than A Ride — A PimPin Ride.”

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