Introducing the ‘Gastroteca’

The revelers at Gottino don't even care that it's January.
The revelers at Gottino don’t even care that it’s January. Photo: Brian Kennedy

Even in the dead of winter, good new things keep happening to New York City. The Underground Gourmet giddily points out a new wine bar, Gottino, that is outpacing its panini-packing rivals. The Insatiable Critic found a new, urbane restaurant in Dovetail and loves the Sunday prix fixe. Among this week’s openings, Periyali adds a midtown sister in Persephone, giving the city another blue-chip Greek restaurant. Ah, New York: Even our lean seasons have their harvests.

Underground Gourmet: Ciambottini, Baby!
Openings: Persephone, Greene Grape Provisions, Dean’s, ’Beca Restaurant, Dram Shop, and City Girl Café.
Insatiable Critic: Dovetail
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