Chinatown Pharmacy Is No Longer in the Pork-Sandwich Business

The doctor is no longer in.Photo: Daniel Maurer

Were with Jonathan Lethem when he says that bnh ms the cheap Vietnamese baguette sandwiches usually stuffed with pork, pork, pork, and some veggies for good measure are as vital to keeping working artists in the city as affordable rents. Which is why were sad to report the removal of the bnh m counter in the T Quynm Pharmacy (also a CD shop) on the corner of Grand Street and Bowery certainly the most bizarrely situated one if you discount Bhn M Saigon, located in the back of a nearby jewelry store. If this was your pt ch go-to, know there are other sandwich fixes within a few blocks namely Saigon, Viet-Nam Banh Mi So 1, and Paris Sandwich, which also serves waffles! But really, well miss being able to fill a prescription for our heart meds while loading up on pork.

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