At Momofuku Ssäm It's AC/DC 24/7

Rock and roll ain't noise pollution. Not even in dining rooms.Photo: Getty Images

A while back David Chang told Eater that his new fourteen-seater wont be a fine-dining restaurant, though a recent Craigslist ad recruiting cooks says prior fine-dining experience is preferred. Whatever Momofuku Ko turns out to be, we cant imagine Vivaldi will be playing in the dining room its not like critics have been turned off by the steady diet of AC/DC that we heard during a recent stop-in at Momofuku Ssm.

1.Back in Black, AC/DC
2. Naturals Not in It, Gang of Four
3. Staring at the Sun, TV on the Radio
4. Come Sail Away, Styx
5. Welcome to the Jungle, Guns N Roses
6. Rock and Roll Aint Noise Pollution, AC/DC
7. Gimme Shelter, Rolling Stones
8. Zero, Smashing Pumpkins
9. Atlantic City, Bruce Springsteen
10. What Do You Do for Money Honey, AC/DC