White Is Just So Blah: Kitchen Fashions for the Preening Chef

What the non-cooking chef is wearing this week.
What the non-cooking chef is wearing this week.haha

It’s been noted that chefs are no longer the obscure functionaries they once were, content to bark orders in the kitchen among their pots and pans. No more shapeless, asexual whites for them, not when they’re called upon to preen before diners in the front of the house — any one of whom could be a Food Network scout! Crooked Brook, a chef’s fashion house — a "boutoque," if you will — fills this urgent need with a wide range of stylish kitchenwear. Put one of these babies on and you can be another Todd English or Rocco DiSpirito, or at least look the part, with a snug fit and ruffly little buttons. Nor are the ladies left out of Crooked Brook’s culinary couture: Just check out this wheat-colored wraparound seersucker jacket. (There’s no place for a thermometer in it, but who needs a thermometer when you’ve got sex appeal?) As for the food, let the sous-chef worry about that. Your place is out front, showing your plumage. In the back, you might get stained.

Crooked Brook Chef Uniforms