What Chef Rides the Truffle Train for Free?


Truffles don't come free, unless you're a famous chef.Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Last we heard, white truffles were going for about $3,400 a pound. If we know, the chefs certainly do, which makes the following story so awful: It seems that a certain well-known chef came into one of the citys top Italian restaurants recently and having announced himself, proceeded to order a tasting menu with lots of truffles. Course after course came out, including several with the prized shavings on them, each one described in person by the restaurants equally famous chef. But when it came time to present the bill, the visitor wouldnt pay it, claiming to be just a hardworking fellow cook. After much fury in the kitchen, and to avoid a further scene, the chef's truffles were comped. He received a nominal bill of a $130 for the feast and tipped $20.

Thats all we can say, were afraid, but if you have any guesses as to who the parties involved might be, feel free to make them in the comments. If you get it right, we will nod knowingly here at our desk.

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