Video: Winter Cocktails From LeNell's, Death & Co., and Flatiron Lounge

Since this is a big weekend for holiday parties, we thought you could use some new drink ideas. Why serve your guests the same old Syrah when you could make them a Mae West Royal Diamond Fizz or whip up some spiced butter to go with that hot rum or mulled cider? We sent a camera to LeNell’s, Flatiron Lounge, and Death & Co. to learn winter secrets from some of the city’s booze experts. They even shared the recipes with us. So watch, prepare, drink, and repeat.

LeNell's Recipe: Mae West Royal Diamond Fizz

Flatiron Lounge
Flatiron Lounge's Recipe: Mulled Cider With Spiced Butter

Death & Co
Death & Co.'s Recipe: Hot Buttered Rum