The Case of the Accused Prostitutes at Maze

That was no prostitute at the bar at Maze! Was it?Photo: Corbis

We make no judgments on Grub Street. We got this e-mail earlier today and read it with raised eyebrows and no great credulousness:

My husband and I were at the New York restaurant, Maze @ the London Hotel tonight 12-18-07. We were so upset. He had four clients he was taking out. At one point one of the clients noticed that there were two prostitutes at the bar, trying to pick up men. When my husband's guest complained to the staff, they became hostile and asked us to leave. When we talked to the hotel staff, they informed us that, "This happens all the time, You need to talk to the management of Gordon Ramsey." We were very upset — how could they let that go on? It's almost like they were getting a cut of their action. We will never dine at a Gordon Ramsey Rest. We spend $800, and had to watch a common prostitute pick up her johns. It was very ugly, shame on Gordon Ramsey and Shame on the London.

Shame indeed! But we have no idea if it was even true. We can never tell prostitutes in hotel bars even when we’re talking to them, let alone from at a table faraway. So we asked the restaurant’s PR agency, who got back to us with this response.

There was a party of six people in last night, and they were very loud and obnoxious, yelling things at ladies at the bar — who were just ladies at the bar! People started complaining, and they became very nasty, so that’s when the restaurant asked them to leave. They were very intoxicated.

So there you have it: Rashômon at the Maze. It’s a shame they never had this one on Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.