Smith’s Plays Stevie Wonder, Thievery Corporation, and Bud Powell

Just because we couldn’t care less what a chef is playing in the kitchen doesn’t mean we aren’t curious about what’s playing in the dining room — the better to avoid spots that blast “Who Let the Dogs Out” (we’ll give El Sombrero a pass for playing “La Macarena” because, well, it’s El Sombrero). And if they’re playing Weezer’s “The World Has Turned” like Momofuku was Sunday night, we’re there with cowbells on. That’s why every week we’ll pick a new or notable eatery and list ten songs you might hear there. This week: Smith’s, the new one from Danny Abrams and Cindy Smith.

1. "Dichoso Mar," Los Zafiros
2. "Bouncing With Bud," Bud Powell
3. "Big Brother," Stevie Wonder
4. "Por Qué Te Vas," Javier Alvarez
5. "Boogie Stop Shuffle," Charles Mingus
6. "I Feel Like Dynamite," King Floyd
7. "Che Che Cole," Willie Colon
8. "Lebanese Blonde," Thievery Corporation
9. "Ease Jimi," Nightmares on Wax
10. "Ego Trippin’ (Part Two)," De La Soul

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