Plenty of Edible Reasons to Love New York

Why even leave the curb when you want crème anglaise?Photo: Richard J. Velasco
This week, in what has become an annual tradition, the magazine identifies more reasons to love New York. The city’s edibles are justification enough, and this year Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld present two: our enthusiasm for frying and the Dessert Truck. The Robs continue to indulge by listing some of the city’s richest dishes, like WD-50’s eggs Benedict or foie gras meat loaf from Café Gray, as well as suggesting some places for New Year’s Eve dinner. Gael Greene does not speak of Crave on 42nd with such reckless abandon, but there’s nascent hope for this week’s openings: a wine bar, a vegetarian burger joint, and an eclectic East Village bistro. Finally, Rob and Robin give us one last at-home indulgence: baked Vacherin Mont d’Or. And after twelve months of tsuris, we’ve all got it coming.

Reasons to Love New York:
Because Although We Banned Trans Fats, We’re Not Afraid of Frying

Reasons to Love New York:
Because We Can Eat Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding With Bacon Crème Anglaise Out of a Truck
Calorific Countdown to 2008
Just Add Bubbly
Insatiable Critic: Crave on 42nd
Openings: Felice Wine Bar, Zen Burger, and Seymour Burton
In Season: Vacherin Mont d’Or [NYM]