Party Like There's No Tomorrow on New Year's Eve (Then Eat Brunch Like Yesterday Never Happened)

Afterwards, of course, it will look like a tornado hit it. Photo: Photo courtesy of the Palace Hotel

Don’t get us wrong: We like mirror balls, cramped apartments, and warm bottles of cheap tequila as much as the next person. But if we were in the money? And New Year’s Eve were to be truly a blowout? We would turn our back on everyone we know to get to even the least extravagant of the New Year’s Eve celebrations offered at the ten restaurants in our New Year’s Eve guide. And while our New Year’s Day repast will probably be dehydrated hash browns and a sense of profound remorse, we would hit the places in our New Year’s Day brunch guide too. That is, if we had any sense.

Flawless First Night
Begin With Brunch