Pamplona’s New Brunch Skips Bloody Marys for Potent Wine-Coke Mixture

Behold, the calimocho!
Behold, the calimocho!haha

We probably won’t be taking advantage of Pamplona’s just-introduced brunch (the place’s funereal color scheme might drive us to suicide on a hung-over Sunday), but we’ll say this: Make-your-own-tortillas beats make-your-own-omelettes any day (as the Times recently pointed out, starch-eating was crucial to our evolution, so bring on the patatas), and this is the only brunch offering a burger made from chorizo, suckling pig, and beef (trust us, it’s a beast). What really has us saying “Olé,” though, is the calimocho, the Spanish gambero’s (no-good teenager) cocktail of choice: half wine, half Coke. Williamsburgers can find this sangria-like libation at Zipi Zape — just be warned that drinking it in front of a wine purist is like eating, well, a suckling-pig burger in front of a PETA member.

Pamplona brunch menu