Morton’s Arrives to Destroy the Last Bit of Brooklyn’s Soul


Morton's in Brooklyn: There goes the borough?Photo: Robert K. Chin

Now that Mortons has announced that its opening a steakhouse in Brooklyn, the borough has lost its claim to a culinary soul. Mortons a chain steakhouse that presents its meat to customers under plastic wrap is the culinary equivalent of the banks and drugstores that have pushed out mom-and-pop businesses all over town.

We arent the biggest Peter Luger fans in the world, and we werent that high on the late Gage and Tollner, either. But the one thing you could always say for Brooklyns steakhouses was that they were their own, forged of the boroughs weird character and fractious personalities. But soon that will disappear too, chased away by Mortons, Houstons, and all the other trans-Hudson chains that have colonized New York. Will a Chipotle someday run the Red Hook ball fields? Its all too depressing to think about.

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