Is It Tacky to Eat Reindeer After Christmas?


Rudolph the canned reindeer.Photo:

Its probably too late to order anything from U.K.based in time for Christmas, but if you want to ring in the New Year with some reindeer pate and a bottle of lizard wine (an aphrodisiac brandylike liquor fermented in a vat containing lizards) and then nurse your hangover with a Chinese tea thats picked only by specially trained monkeys, boy is this the site for you! Giant toasted leaf-cutting ants apparently the worlds largest, harvested in the Amazon by Colombian Indians are said to have a nutty, bacon-like taste, and Mopani worms, a South African snack, are described as an interesting addition to dinner parties.

If you want a WTF feast delivered in time for Christmas dinner, try your luck with Exotic Meats USA, which serves everything from llama and yak burgers to the product of the month black bear loin chops. So thats where the Gastronauts got their python meat

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