Is Gin Lane on Death's Doorstep, or Will It Soon Be Reborn?

Eater recently "deathwatched" Gin Lane on the basis that the place wasnt picking up its phone and its OpenTable page was offline. Fair enough and now weve discovered the silence is because the kitchen closed three weeks ago and the dining room isnt being used. A person involved in the restaurants operations says its getting a new chef (yet to be determined) and that the place isnt for sale, but an industry source has heard rumors that the venue is hurting to such a degree that liquor suppliers who would normally give them a credit are delivering bottles COD. We wonder if this might pique the interest of Kyky and Unik, the boys behind PM and the upcoming Merkato 55, who, according to our source, were at one point interested in acquiring the space. Either way, Gin Lane is remaining optimistic last night a sign outside the bar said Welcome to Gin Lane. ENOUGH SAID.

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