Have Your Veal ‘Frank’s Way’ at Patsy’s Wednesday

Veal, not salad, was key to keeping Frank happy.Photo: Fotos International / Getty Images

Wednesday would have been Frank Sinatras 92nd birthday, and at least one of the Chairmans old haunts, the occasion wont pass unobserved. Franks favorite New York restaurant, Patsys (no relation to the pizza chain), will be serving Franks stuffed artichoke, Franks veal cutlet Milanese (Frank had it made easy on the garlic, Patsys chef Sal Scognamillo tells us), and sfolgiatella, Franks favorite dessert, on Wednesday (the last course is on the house). Sal is a font of Sinatra anecdotes, too, and will be on hand to repeat a few of them. If you see him, ask about the night in 1977 when the Yankees came in after winning the World Series, and Billy Martin wanted to know why he didnt have the best table.

Really devoted Sinatraphiles, though, may want to head over Hoboken, where the areas foremost Sinatra shrine can be found at Leos Grandezvous, on Grand Street in Hoboken. Leos is just a few short and hideous blocks from Franks Monroe Street birthplace, and the place is practically a Sinatra museum, with a jukebox to match. Or if you want to have your own Sinatra meal at home, just follow the directions Franks first wife, Nancy, gave to George Jacobs, his valet: paper-thin steaks and pork chops; spaghetti with marinara sauce, light on the garlic; eggplant and roasted peppers. And of course, plenty of Jack Daniels for afterward.