Balducci's Ruins Hanukkah; Dave Martin Can Paint, Too

Balduccis made a big mistake by advertising boneless spiral ham as Delicious for Chaunkah. [NYDN]

Contradicting his colleague, Frank Bruni defends the entre, arguing that a too-long sequence or too-broad collection of too-small plates is like being tickled and tickled and never flat-out hugged. [Diners Journal/NYT]

Le Bernardins James Beardawardwinning pastry chef enjoys a nice Snickers bar with almonds at the end of the day. [Restaurant Girl]

Todays eggnog recipes are lighter and more flavorful than before, not to mention less prone to carrying foodborne bacteria. Drink up! [NYDN]

Latke Larry: The Worlds Only Talking Chanukah Gift. Thanks, Jerry Stiller! [Gluttonist]

In between cooking portions of truffled macaroni and cheese, Dave dont call me a bitch, bitch Martin from Top Chef found time to personally paint the brightly colored squares on the walls of his new restaurant, Crave on 42nd. [Restaurant Girl]

The Mud coffee truck has become the Love Street Coffee truck, but you can still get your Mud fix at the stationary location. [Vanishing NY]

If you're still looking for a Christmas-dinner venue, here's a roundup including Les Halles, Esca, and Spain. [amNY]