Esca’s Pasternack to Pitch Fish-and-Chips at Citi Field

The original good humor man: Dave Pasternack of Esca.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Were not Mets fans or anything, but Gael Greenes (Web-only!) scoop that David Pasternack of Esca was planning a Fish Shack for Citi Field has really got us in a Flushing frame of mind. Pasternack told us the new Fish Shack would feature simple stuff like fish-and-chips, fried clam sandwiches, and lobster rolls. As at other Citi Field concessions, you'll be able to see the game while you wait. So what makes Pasternack's menu special? I dont know yet, the chef told us. But its going to be really good. Pasternack also hears that there will be a Shake Shack at Citi Field, the same rumor we told you about in August. Is this going to be the greatest stadium food court ever or what?

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