Daniel Boulud and Ken Friedman Reveal New Projects in Cheesy Belvedere Ads

Friedman, dressed for the dive bar.
Friedman, dressed for the dive bar.haha Photo: Melissa Hom

The Tenjune lads aren’t the only ones to recommend not-exactly-under-the-radar places in Belvedere’s “keys to the city” series: The interview with Marquee’s “head doorman/actor” Wass makes us want to hand him a douche card, Centro Vinoteca’s Anne Burrell plugs no fewer than four Batali restaurants, and pretty much everyone plugs the Spotted Pig.

Pig’s owner Ken Friedman reveals a little bit about his project in the old West space: “We’re doing a little dive bar there — it’s going to have a pool table and a jukebox.” Daniel Boulud, after bragging about partying with Gordon Ramsay at the Pink Elephant (“he’s a wild party animal too!”), says his dream is to open “a very small restaurant where it’s almost like a home. There will be no menu, no wine list. There will be just a set price and you let yourself [be carried away] by the experience.” Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard that one before, but here’s the thing, Boulud concludes the interview with a wink: “And I think that might happen.” Ooh la la!

Keys to the City [UrbanDaddy/Belvedere]
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