Facebook Brings Chefs Closer Together

We dedicate a lot of our time to obsessing over the restaurant industry's heavy hitters: Gordo, Mario, Fabio. But what about the bright young things who slave away in the shadows of the line? No doubt many of them will be destined for big things, and surely they're dreaming of the days when they'll have an empire and a single moniker ending in "o." So who's keeping an eye on them? After hours of prowling around Facebook, we can now enthusiastically assert that we are. We combed through the social-networking site, finding dozens of profiles and pulling the most useful for your reference. Who's the sous-chef with a dislike of olives and fake tits? Which pastry extern is friends with New York's Sexiest Chef? And why are so many Per Seers on the site? Does Thomas Keller make it a staff requirement or something? --Alexandra Vallis

keller's crew

Name Age Restaurant Stated Occupation At a Glance
Lili Myers N/A Bouchon Bakery Pastry Chef Supports Hillary and the Mets.
Thomas Sellers 20 Per Se Chef de Partie The youngest member of the Per Se Facebook crew.
John Adler 26 Per Se Chef de Partie Recruits for the Foundation for the Protection of Swedish Underwear Models.
Shaun Mccrain 32 Per Se Executive Sous-chef Food IQ is 152.
Shaun 'badger' Dickens NA Per Se Chef de Partie Just started in September but has already friended the whole Per Se crew.

Batali's Boys

Name Age Restaurant Stated Occupation At a Glance
Gregg Drusinsky 26 Casa Mono Chef Describes his job as Italian Food, Spanish Food, Dog Food.
Barry Frish 23 Esca Middle? I'm a Jew and everyone knows it.
Sarah Blair 24 Lupa Chef Dines with her Biffies at spots like Kampuchea Noodle Bar.

Kings of Their Kitchens

Name Age Restaurant Stated Occupation At a Glance
Daniel Levy 35 Aix Executive Chef Friended Andrea Strong on 11/30. Conflict of interest?
Damien Cassart 25 Alain Ducasse Chef Patissier Nickname: Le Compte de Trassac.


Name Age Restaurant Stated Occupation At a Glance
Gary King NA Craft Chef de Partie Group membership includes Facebook's Hottest Chefs.
Dan Dilworth 24 Gramercy Tavern Chef Tournant Has a weakness for Dan Brown.
Jason Heiselman 23 Jane Sous-chef Known to sneak forties into movies.
Maycoll Calderon 24 Jean Georges Chef Photo albums indicate he gets as excited about trips to Stone Barns as he does to Six Flags.
Christina Pensa 24 Kuma Inn Chef Is Facebook friends with Per Se chef de partie John Adler.
Michael Gibney 24 Olea Mediterranean Taverna Sous-chef Michael dislikes olives as much as people with fake tits.
Serge Grinholz 28 Park Avenue Autumn Chef He has also been making omelettes for Eli's since October. Moonlighter!


Name Age Restaurant Stated Occupation At a Glance
Bailey McAvenia 22 DB Bistro Moderne Chef Likes cuddling and citrus fruits.
John Lawson 25 Gordon Ramsay Sous-chef In a relationship with sommelier Louisa Smith!
Steve Mendoza N/A Morimoto Chef Steve has only one friend, but he likes biographies and porn!
Courtney Dougherty 23 Eleven Madison Park Assistant Pastry Chef Words of wisdom: PRACTICE SAFE EATING, USE CONDIMENTS!!!

Just Desserts

Name Age Restaurant Stated Occupation At a Glance
Marisa Croce 31 B.R. Guest Pastry Chef Part of that elite cadre of people who know all the words to Bust a Move.
Johnny Iuzzini 33 Jean Georges Pastry Chef Doesn't look as tough noshing at a picnic table as he does kneeling by a motorcycle.
Jerome Chang 31 Dessert Truck Chef/Owner Has an admirer: I stopped by the truck today after I heard such great reviews from my friends. The desserts are so yummy and so are you!! =)
Sylvia Ng 23 Gramercy Tavern Pastry Chef de Partie Sylvia's relationship status is complicated, but she's looking for random play.
Robert C. Rohl Jr. 24 Otto Assistant Pastry Chef Not ashamed of his fondness for emo stuff for 16 year old girls like Fall Out Boy.
Fabio Nazzari 22 San Domenico Pastry Chef Friended everyone he could find with the same last name.
Young Ah Kang 25 The Modern Chef de Partie Loves Ratatouille; wants to see Enchanted and Bee Movie.
Maria Jo 38 Nobu Pastry Sous-chef Left a finance job in Guatemala for a life in pastry.

The Scullions

Name Age Restaurant Stated Occupation At a Glance
Andy Choi N/A Bouley Line Cook Has a fondness for chasing skirts and nutsacks.
Keith Garabedian 23 Craftbar Line Cook Favorite quote: 'What if the sauce breaks?' 'What do you mean if the sauce breaks? If the sauce breaks you're a fucking cunt!' -Chef Donovan Cook
John A. Hall 26 Gramercy Tavern Cook in Training Quotes Redman: DONT BE SCARED ITS JUST PUSSY!
Blake Abene 23 Jean Georges Pastry Extern Is Facebook friends with his sexy boss Johnny Zs.
Matt Hine 22 Nougatine Line Cook vicadin, marijuana, and cocaine: helping New York chefs deal with the pressure of running the country's best restaurants for over 100 years.

Just Pretty

Name Age Restaurant Stated Occupation At a Glance
Marcus Jernmark N/A Consulate General of Sweden Chef Doesn't really fit with this list, but he's really hot.