Breaking: Hotel to Take Over Good World?

Good World

Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown.Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Richie Rich and Jenna Jameson may be opening a yet-to-be-named Chinatown bar in a former brothel, but the true original is rumored to be on its way out. A source close to Good World says the bar has lost its lease and its days are numbered. That source has heard that Ian Schrager is buying the block and will erect a W Hotel there easily the most disturbing rumor since the one about the Bulgarian Bar being replaced by a Best Western. Good World GM Anna Ahlin firmly denies it, saying, They sold the building were located in, and that has been a big misconception for some people. Ahlin told us she cant recall the term of Good Worlds lease, but drinkers are safe for the foreseeable future.

She says locals might also be confused because an adjacent building is being turned into a hotel. That building, at 54 Canal, was slated to be developed by Raber Enterprise, but an employee at Raber tells us it is no longer owned by them, and that its a strong possibility that the new developer (who that employee says is not Schrager but would not name) will claim the entire block. We hope there are many Swedish meatballs in our future, but well remain on the case.

Update: A Schrager rep says the rumor isnt true, and a reader writes in to remind us that Schrager is currently developing boutique hotels with Marriott, meaning if he does do something on this block, it probably wont be a W.