At Kuta, There's an Indonesian Party in Your Mouth


It looks calm now, but wait till you try the spicy duck curry.Photo: Melissa Hom

Alejandro Torio is a busy boy this week. Besides helping to open Le Royale tomorrow, hes partnering with Iman R. Azeharie (also at one point a promoter) to open Kuta, a 40-seat Southeast Asian restaurant on the Lower East Side featuring the dishes of Azeharies native Indonesia. Chef Jutti Jitnopkun formerly of Rain, Tuk Tuk, and others is busting out his grandmas tamarind chili sauce for meat and seafood skewers and turning out entres like grilled Sumatra beef rendang, Manado spicy duck curry, and grilled red-curry-lemongrass chicken and garlic fries. (Care to see the menu?) The beer-and-wine license arrives today, Torio says, so sake cocktails all around.

Kuta, 65 Rivington St., nr. Allen St.; 212-777-5882.
Kuta menu