Andrea Strong Gives ‘Food Porn’ a Whole New Meaning

Andrea Strong’s reviews are always chock-full of TMI, but this week’s write-up of Tía Pol offshoot El Quinto Pino brings a genuinely icky description of the uni panini: “It’s as close as a sandwich can get to really good, hot, sweaty sex as I can think of.” Really? Sure, we named it a Sandwich of the Week, but good, hot, sweaty sex?

Actually, this reminds us of Strong’s review of Spice Market (“who needs sex? Just eat here”) and her comparison of the General Tso’s at Xing to “really phenomenal sex” (“soft moans were audible”). Oh, and discovering “Brooklyn Global” cuisine at Chickenbone Café was like “finally having a great lover.” Wait — she’s had a great lover and yet she still equates sex with an egg sandwich?

My Dinner at El Quinto Pino [Strong Buzz]
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