Wine-Geek Heaven on the Way to the East Village

Its been a while since we first got wind of it, but the Hearth's long-awaited spinoff wine bar, Terroir, is finally close to becoming a reality. The space, known in its former life as Bikes by George, will begin its transformation right after Thanksgiving, and co-owners Paul Grieco and Marco Canora hope to open the place by New Years. Grieco, the wine director, is a wine geeks wine geek, which means he's got some lofty plans.

As Greico puts it, The problem with wine lists is that theyre just that: lists. They dont tell a story; they dont reveal the personality of who put it together." Terroir is a small place with reasonable rent, so Greico's ready to take risks. "We might decide that the only reds will be pinot noirs from the Central Ogato region of New Zealand. Or if its July, the only white might be Rieslings. But it wont be just one or two wines: This will be the biggest wine list weve ever put together.

Great. As if we werent drunk in the East Village too often already. And don't forget, you've got Solex, which opened Monday, just a few blocks down the street we'd say things are heading toward an epic First Avenue wine-bar showdown or just more liver damage for us. Either way, everybody wins!