Who Is Le Cirque's Mystery Ragamuffin?

Brave is the man who strolls into Le Cirque without a jacket: Woody Allen once made the front page of the Post when he was turned away after doing just that, and Frank Zappa, upon being forced to wear one, famously told Sirio, This better be the best fucking meal of my life If I dont like this meal, youre paying for the suit. (They went on to become buddies.) We were intrigued, then, when the subject of yesterdays Ask a Waiter column, Elli Jafari, told us that to this day, just one man is allowed to break the rules. He normally wears a sweater and a vest, is all she would give us. Hes one of the richest people in New York City. Any Le Cirque regulars or astute hypothesizers want to speculate as to who this frowsy fat cat might be? Heres a clue: We hear his personal life isnt so perfect. Your guesses in the comments below, please.

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