What to Wear If You Really Want to Get Into GoldBar

Comedy gold.Photo courtesy downbythehipster.blogspot.com

The clubwear trend of plastering skulls all over everything to make it edgy simply will not die. In fact, it has just reached the height of absurdity thanks to some D.J.'s-cum-designers at GoldBar. Per Down by the Hipster, they've slapped the clubs name and an image of one of its super-cool golden skulls on a limited-edition T-shirt. Apparently, this piece of low couture is being given only to the clubs elite, which makes us wonder: After being banned from the place thanks to our less than favorable opening-night musings, is sporting one of these the only way well be able to get past the venue's golden ropes? Either way, were sticking to our stodgily skull-free Wo Hop shirts.

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