Tell L’Impero What You Feel Like Eating Sunday Night

On Sundays at L'Impero, BYO menu.
On Sundays at L'Impero, BYO menu.haha Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Sunday suppers, when they’ve been offered by New York restaurants, have generally been big red-sauce feeds, and none too exciting. But when, one month ago, L’Impero launched its Domenica Rustica menu, the city got a pretty outrageous bargain. Meant to be more homey and casual than you might normally expect from L’Impero, it starts early (4:30), ends early (9:30), and comes at the cost of four courses for $42. It’s still not really homey or casual, but it’s really good, and that’s the key thing. Also: L’Impero wants Grub Street readers to have a say in what they serve.

The restaurant is opening itself up to ideas and requests for the menu, which will be changing every two weeks. If there’s something you think you’d like to have for the Sunday meal there, e-mail L’Impero with your request and why you crave it. The best suggestion will get picked up every week, and if you’re the lucky stiff who made it, your letter will get featured on the L’Impero Website. You’ll also get a nice glass of wine or some such token of appreciation when you show up to consume it. So get to menu planning! (Or at the very least, post your thoughts in our newly-launched comments section.)