Radegast May Soon Bring a Second Oktoberfest to Williamsburg

By next year, that tree will begin producing beer.
By next year, that tree will begin producing beer.haha

Difficulties securing a certificate of occupancy have delayed the opening of Radegast Hall for over a month, but owner Ivan Kohut and his partner, Andy Ivanov, tell us they’re hoping to pass a follow-up buildings inspection later today, in which case they could have Williamsburg’s first beer hall up and running sometime next week. As you can see from our gallery of interior shots, the place sure looks ready.

Sure, turning an old warehouse into a beer hall seems like a Sisyphean project, but Aohut is well qualified: He’s part of the team that turned the Bohemian Hall into a destination back in 2000, just a few years after the mostly disused bar was almost sold for $75,000 and turned into a parking lot. Now he’s partnering with a couple of Czech friends and his wife, Joanna, a private chef who will cook hearty dishes like roasted pork tenderloin topped with prunes and porter beer sauce and served with potato dumplings and red cabbage. Kohut, who built the outdoor bar at Bohemia, designed his solo venture to resemble a 1890s Austro-Hungarian beer hall, with communal tables made from 150-year-old barn wood. Yes, a little too late for Oktoberfest, but take heart: The place’s garden, where burgers and an array of wursts will be grilled, will eventually have infrared heating under its retractable canopy. We can already hear the oompahs!

Radegast Hall & Biergarten [Official site]