Mr. Black Is Back, But Will It Be the Death of the Pussycat Lounge?

Will these men take to their new Pussycat surroundings?
Will these men take to their new Pussycat surroundings?haha Photo: Ben Rosenzweig

After gay dance den Mr. Black was closed in September (“because of the evidence of rampant drug activity there,” an NYPD spokesman told the Voice), the owner issued a statement somewhat euphemistically saying, “The decision has been made to move Mr. Black to a larger space due to the tremendous demand and success of the nightclub.” It’s now been announced that the new space is, for this Friday at least, the Pussycat Lounge of all places — that bastion of hetero sleaze that is under city scrutiny and is in jeopardy of being razed by developer Sam Chang.

We have to wonder, isn’t this a little like the parolee unwisely hosting his fresh out-of-jail friends in Razing Arizona? Is “shots on the dance floor all night, no posing bitches” (as the invite reads) really such a good idea? Whatever this means for the Pussycat in the long run, the party will be a hell of a lot of fun in the short run.

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