Molecular Gastronomy Made Complicated via PowerPoint

It's easy if you use this simple formula.What a dismal question! Especially when the answer is chicken and Puritans. Photo: Courtesy Hervé This

The genius of Hervé This, the molecular gastronomist whose lecture we attended the other day, is so far beyond our ken that we were unable to understand what the hell he was talking about. Clearly, closer study was needed. So in the interest of furthering gastronomic knowledge, here are a few highlights from This's PowerPoint presentation, in all their intellectual splendor. It would no doubt be more edifying if you had This speaking while looking at the slides, but then again maybe it wouldn’t be. We can’t say for sure. But just the knowledge that someone is thinking this deeply keeps us encouraged. About something.


Food tastes better with robots.Courtesy Hervé This


It sure does!Courtesy Hervé This

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