Martha Stewart Facilitates Batali, Food Network Détente

"I have Crocs
"I have Crocshaha Photo: Anders Krusberg/Courtesy of The Martha Stewart Show

Now that the Food Network isn’t keeping him so busy, Molto Mario has loads of time to cook at his restaurants yuk it up on The Martha Stewart Show. And just why isn’t the Food Network keeping him busy? “Well, the Food Network has made the conscious decision to go a little more mass market than I would say that I appeal to,” said the dark rebel of chefs yesterday, “but I am still on Iron Chef and as a matter of fact, I am the number one Iron Chef! We are in the middle right now of a seventeen-match winning streak.” Hard-hitting Martha got more out of him, too: “There’s a lot of options out there, and the Food Network is a really cool thing — it is just they have decided to choose whatever they want to choose. I’m not mad at them.” How big of Mario! He better ring up Emeril and tell him how to work through the pain.