Looking at the Cipriani Sexual-Harassment Docs

The Cipriani family may have to go back to court.
The Cipriani family may have to go back to court.haha Photo: Wireimage

It’s hard out there for a Venetian millionaire. No sooner did the Cipriani boys get the all clear from their federal tax-evasion trial than a major sexual-harassment lawsuit came down upon their heads. Just in time for your weekend reading, Grub Street has acquired a copy of the legal documents; after the jump, allegations of systematic misogyny and insidious put-downs.

For your perusal, some choice bons mots from the lawsuit:

• Women are “only good for bed.”

• Actually, scratch that: Women are “only good to take care of kids, for home, and for sex.”

• One captain would “constantly leer at [a female employee] and tell her that he ‘enjoyed Colombian girls.’”

• One woman was “crazy and lazy because her husband died three years ago and she is not getting any sex.”

• Female employees were forced to change in the male locker room.

Check, please!

Lastenia Amparo Torres vs. Cipriani Group Inc., et al. [PDF]