Jonathan Waxman to Open a New Barbuto Uptown

The original Barbuto; what will the sequel look like?Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Barbuto, Jonathan Waxmans Haute Barnyard outpost in the Far West Village, has always been a restaurant noted as much for its unique space as for its menu. That might not be the case for the new Barbuto, which we hear is planned for next year in the Columbus Circle area. The Susan Magrino Agency, which handles Barbutos PR, wouldnt proffer any details just yet but confirmed that the restaurant had a target opening date of September 2008.

This raises another question: Who woke up Jonathan Waxman? Hes never at Barbuto and seemed to be in a safe state of hibernation. Then came word from the Times that he was doing a southern restaurant, Madaleine Mae, on Columbus Avenue at 82nd Street. (Hes looking for a chef, the Voice reported.) Now hes doing a new Barbuto? Please leave your theories in the comments.

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