I Want a Personal Chef To Cook Tiny Portions of French Food For My Family

I walked into my kitchen and there was Paul Liebrandt!
I walked into my kitchen and there was Paul Liebrandt!haha
Dear Grub Street,

We are a family of four, seeking a top-notch private chef. We like nouvelle French, Italian, and American in that order. I would appreciate if you could direct us as to where to advertise. Thank you.


Dear Chefless,
We have the perfect place for you to advertise: Grub Street! The city’s very best unemployed cooks are our most steadfast readers, relying as they do on us to ferret out news of potential restaurants where they can work. Some of the city’s top toques have worked as private chefs, including Adam Perry Lang and (albeit briefly) Paul Liebrandt, the latter for the purposes of a Vogue article by the supremely demanding Jeffrey Steingarten. The “nouvelle French” part might be a bit sticky, as that style of cooking is a little passé, but since you’re bound to be deluged by résumés, it might help thin the field a little bit.

Are you a chef who wants this job? Write to us and we’ll forward your résumé to Chefless. Or perhaps you’re a reader with your own experience. We hope you’ll lay the truth bare in the comments, possibly saving Chefless a lot of trouble.