Gordon Ramsay Gives At Least Two Swearwords About Frank Bruni

We feel your pain, Gordo!
We feel your pain, Gordo!haha Photo: WireImage

Gordon Ramsay’s latest rant, though enjoyable, suggests to us that the Blustering Briton has a short memory. His latest shot at Frank Bruni’s alleged mistreatment of him — “don’t schmarm me and play Mr. Nice Guy on the telephone and then pan me 48 hours later. I lose a lot of respect for you on that front”— comes only two weeks after a macho boast to London’s Independent about how little Bruni mattered to him. “I don’t give two fucks about it,” he said. “Never have, never met the guy, not remotely interested.” And now he’s ready to make canapés for free at his funeral? Come on, Gordo! Admit that Frank Bruni has stung you to the core. We know it’s on your mind.

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