Gordo Envisions Demise of Bruni; David Burke Scores Cabaret License

Gordo scoffs at Frank Bruni for panning his restaurant after the Times critic called to schmarm him and ask about a dish since if you dont know what youre criticising, then dont write about it. But the snappy chef still feels generous toward food critics: Hell do all the canaps at their funerals free of charge. [Daily Star]

David Burke just acquired a cabaret license for Hawaiian Tropic Zone, though thankfully it wont be Burke himself doing the dancing but rather professionals copying the Pussycat Dolls. [NYP]

Smart small businesses like Little Cupcake Bake Shop in Bay Ridge are leading the green front because they can benefit from conservation efforts in two ways by saving money on their monthly utility bills and by raising their profile in the community for much less money than they might spend on local advertising. [NYT]

A new sweets mobile hit the streets yesterday. A former Le Cirque pastry sous-chef has stationed Dessert Truck at 8th Street and University Place. Plus, hes open until midnight so those sophisticated NYU freshman can now boast that molten chocolate cake, and not late-night burritos, is behind those extra fifteen. [Eater]

Meryl Streep had been tapped to play Julia Child in an upcoming film that will also star Amy Adams. [Variety]

The celebrity dumplings coming to TKettle on St. Marks Place will be joined by Korean BBQ chicken as soon as Con Ed turns the fryers on. [Eat for Victory/VV]
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Self-professed fanatics taste-tested their favorite iconic New York food against relatively newer challengers and Shake Shack took out Corner Bistro. Does that sound like a real fan? Leave a comment. [TONY]

Oh, what has happened to NYC nightlife? Gone are the days when everybody paid $5 to get into Nells on 14th Street (now called The Plumm). There was no bottle service, or ways to buy yourself into the legendary club Area, a massive space complete with a swimming pool, skateboard ramp and tank stocked with live sharks. [amNY]