Gordo Casting Restaurateurs; Thomas Keller Feels for Celebrity Chefs

Gordos back on Fox TV for another season of Kitchen Nightmares, and hes looking for a floundering restaurateur to belittle on national TV. [Eater]

Its hard out there for a chef, according to Thomas Keller: No longer are critically-acclaimed chefs allowed as they might have been even ten years ago to call it a day after opening a single successful restaurant. Instead, he said, food wizards like him are expected to pen best-sellers, give lectures, judge reality TV shows and host benefits like the one he gave last night. [NYO]

The massive, multistory Pop Burger at 14 East 58th Street will start serving baby crab cakes and grilled filet mignon in addition to burger boxes by mid-November. [Strong Buzz]
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Bruni didnt use up all his anecdotes in his rant over restaurant-speak, so to our delight, he has followed up the article in his blog: For instance, at lunch just the other day, a server asked me Did you care for another iced tea? And I wanted to say: Yes. After a first iced tea broke my heart, I learned to trust and love again, and I bought a bottle of Snapple, peach-flavored. I cared for it deeply. [Diners Journal/NYT]

Stavros Aktipis of Kellari Taverna will reopen what was Parea as a green Greek bistro this Saturday, so prepare yourself to be wowed by innovations like recycled-paper menus. [Restaurant Girl]

The recently opened Mermaid Inn 2.0 and Community Food & Juice from the folks behind Clinton St. Bakery have helped reinvigorate the restaurant scene on the Upper West Side. [TONY]
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Rumors have resurfaced that Spotted Pig owner and Taavo Somer and William Tigertt of Freemans will collaborate on a new venue in what was once West at 425 West Street. [Eater]