Katz’s Is Safe … for Now

Condos to the left of them, condos to the right of themPhoto: Shanna Ravindra

Given our dire predictions, youd think that wed be abashed to see yesterdays article in the Villager denying an imminent sale of Katzs. But we're not buying a bit of it! For one thing, everything we've said before still stands: The owners are out to make a load of money (we like how they were quoted as saying that they would only sell for a stupid number like $50 million you know, just in case you were wondering). These are the same owners who have gone on record saying that theyll sell their air space to a condo if they can keep Katzs on the ground floor. Given such heightened profit-consciousness, we still feel its just a matter of time.

Co-owner Alan Dell says that nowadays, the mainstay of Katzs business isn't locals (no surprise there, as trustafarians tend to live on crpes), but rather tourists aiming for one last hurrah: Its really good for us, Dell said, because people say, Weve heard youre closing next week. Theyre coming for their last fix. The article also mentions that Katzs is getting plenty of Romanian tourists. Really? Romanians coming to New York to eat pastrami? For this patriotic feat (comparable to selling coals to Newcastle), Katzs deserves that $50 million.

Katz's Delicatessen Says Sale Rumors Are Baloney [Villager]
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