Chefs Bored With Food, Move to Clothes; Pricey Plates and Polygamy Just Go Together

Wondering who actually orders $1,000 bagel or a $28,000 bejeweled sundae? Serendipity 3 owner Stephen Bruce “wouldn’t be surprised if soon we get a call from a Middle Eastern prince or Shah willing to give something sweet to his many wives on his next trip to the city.” [News.Com.Au]
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Breaking: Serendipity 3 Closed by DOH

Since chefs, mixologists, and their restaurants are the newest breed of celebrity, it’s about time they started designing clothes. Get dressed at Freemans, Death & Co., and PDT. [Mouthing Off/Food&Wine;]

Restaurateur Jimmy Bradley on the source of his managing prowess: “The Art of War by Sun Tzu taught me many leadership and organizational lessons.” [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Café Boulud and Payard are two reasons "grown-ups" are happier on Upper East than they would be on the Lower East Side. [NYT]

Thirty-eight-year-old Mooney’s Pub on Flatbush Avenue is the latest victim of Brooklyn’s skyrocketing rents and is going to close. [NYT]

McDonald’s has unveiled plans to attack Starbucks on the latte front by introducing customized espresso-based drinks at about 50 cents less than the mega coffee chain. [NYP]